About Us

Our Vision

We envision emerging as an organization of excellence in making humanity safe & healthy and living in comfortable environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our expertise in Safety, Health and Environment to prevent and reduce fatality, human suffering, environmental damage and economic losses through a process of partnership, guidance, developing procedures, materials, methods, information sharing and activities.

Our Objective

  • To organize mass awareness campaigns and basic trainings in the area of Safety, Health and Environment in Homes, schools & colleges, hospitals, construction sites, factories, ports, mines, offices and society at large.
  • To carry out research studies and surveys for identifying different physical, mental, physiological, environmental, technological, social and cultural factors influencing the level of wellbeing of people.
  • To organize and conduct the conferences, seminars and workshops for scientific and technical deliberations leading to the development of new strategies and approaches for improving the level of Safety, Health and Environment.
  • To organize and conduct skill development programmes for all strata of the human society for making life Safer, healthier and happier.
  • To carry out advisory services in all areas of Safety, Health and Environment (including safety audits, risk assessment, HAZOP Study, HIRA, emergency preparedness, disaster management plan, safety survey, job safety analysis, environment monitoring and control, environmental impact assessment, hazardous waste management and disposal, Occupational Health management /surveillance etc.).
  • To organize and conduct the Safety, Health and Environment awareness camps, campaigns and exhibitions for providing the information to improve the safety and wellbeing of masses.
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