Farming in India though seemingly innocuous is yet a hazardous occupation. Farmers and farm workers work with potentially dangerous machinery, vehicles, chemicals, livestock, at height or near pits and silos. They are exposed to the effects of bad weather, noise and dust. The risks also include family members working at the farm and children living at the farm.

Agricultural work is physically demanding and the repetitive nature of the work causes a range of health problems, including severe back pain. With high numbers and rates of fatal injury, agriculture is a high risk industry sector. The personal costs of injury and ill health can be distressing. Life is never the same again for family members left behind after a work- related death.

Therefore, health and safety is a fundamental need of a sustainable farming business and should be regarded as an indispensable part of agricultural activity.

SHEORG being the Organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the workforce offers the following Services for the Agricultural Sector.

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