Construction Industry

In India, the construction industry is the second largest employer next to agriculture. Around 16% of India’s working population depends on construction for its livelihood.

Construction sector being the most dynamic sector, prevention of accidents is the most vital. More than 10 million workers receive severe injuries in a year around the world. The average Fatal Accident Frequency Rate (FAFR) in the Indian construction industries is 15.8 for 1000 worker. As compared to manufacturing sector, hazards in construction sector are eight times higher. Almost all kinds of occupational hazards exist at the construction sites; working at height, moving objects, slips, trips and falls, noise, vibration, collapse, air contamination and electricity are the typical hazards in the construction industry.

Further, due to the complexity of work environment, coupled with deployment of unskilled, illiterate and migrant work force it makes situation more vulnerable.

SHEORG being the Organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the workforce offers the following Services for the Construction Sector.

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