Docks,Ports & Maritime Industry

Docks,Ports & Maritime Industry

Maritime transport plays a vital role in the development of our country. Different ports, shipping, shipbuilding and ship repair, and inland water transport are the integral parts of the maritime systems.

Approximately 95% of the India’s trade by volume, and 70% by value, is moved through maritime transport. India is among the top 20 leading countries having large number of merchant fleets in the world.

Ports act as an interface between ocean transport and land transport. Working in ports and docks is highly dangerous. Accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities take place while working in a port, on ship, on offshore platform, or in some other maritime related work. Accidents in the ship breaking industry are very common.

Most of the accidents take place due to falls from height, falling objects, fatigue, fire/electrocution, lifting equipment, hazardous or asphyxiate substances, mooring hazards, moving vehicles and equipment, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), noise, night work, slips & trips, tidal and environmental hazards.

SHEORG being the Organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the workforce offers the following Services for the Docks & Ports and Maritime Industry.

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