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Though homes are considered the safest places that anyone can be, there are many risks that surround the homes and which most of the people are not aware. There are so many dangerous things used at home like knives, electric cookers, gas cookers, hazardous & toxic chemicals and many more.

The things we use at home have become part of our day-to- day life and we see these things as our life companions because without them life will be hard to live. Many of us do not know that these things can be what can send them to their grave or can render them disabled for life.

Therefore, every member of the family should learn how to react with instantaneous measures in case any unusual thing happens. All the family members should know safety measures for preparedness in case of any emergency.

If we knew home safety measures many lives can be saved. Therefore, situation necessitates the understanding of home safety aspects.

SHEORG being the organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the people offers the following services for enhancing Home Safety.

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