SHEORG for Hospitals and Health Care Institutions

The Indian Health Sector is growing at fast pace with the active participation of both the public as well as private players. This Sector is expected to record CAGR of 16.5% by 2020.

Hospitals are hazardous places for medical and paramedical staff to work. Some of the serious hazards are blood borne pathogens and biological hazards, potential chemical and drug exposures, waste anaesthetic gas exposures, respiratory hazards, ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks, laser hazards, workplace violence, hazards associated with laboratories, and radioactive material and x-ray hazards.

Some of the potential chemical exposures include formaldehyde used for preservation of specimens for pathology; ethylene oxide, glutaraldehyde, and par acetic acid used for sterilization; and, numerous other chemicals used in healthcare laboratories. Apart from these, fire and electrical hazards are also present in hospitals.

SHEORG being the organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the people offers the following services for Hospitals and Health Care Institutions.

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