SHEORG for Road Safety

India is having one of the highest growth rates in motorization in the world, accompanied with rapid urbanization and expansion in the network of roads. This high growth rate is seriously impacting road safety levels. Every year around 5 lakh road accidents occur, causing death of around 1.5 lakh men, women and children and about 5 lakh injuries.

Some of the common hazards encountered on the roads are pedestrians, bicycle, children, animals, debris, potholes, bad weather, poor road conditions and unsafe loading practices etc.

Some of the hazards we can expect to encounter when driving in India are vehicles emerging from junctions, car doors opening in unsafe manner, vehicles moving off or coming out of driveways, pedestrians, school crossing, children running out from between parked cars or playing at the side of the road, animals running out into the road (mainly cats, cows and dogs) and cyclists and motorcyclists.

SHEORG being the organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the people offers the following services for Road safety.

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