SHEORG for Educational Institutions

India has made substantial progress in the field of education by achieving the target of 95% Net Enrolment Ratio (NER) of universal primary education for all children aged 6-10 years. India is having world’s largest and most complex school education system with more than 1.4 million schools and around 230 million registrations.

Schools and colleges are vital infrastructure built with the responsibility of creating tomorrow’s citizens. For effective learning and teaching, a safe and healthy environment is required, thus ensuring safety of staff, teachers and children.

Safety and hygiene in terms of classroom, lift, staircase, toilet, pathways, school bus, playground, swimming pool, laboratory and building is essentially required for healthy growth and development of the children. Safety awareness developed in the minds of school and college children will make them safety conscious citizens of tomorrow.

SHEORG being the organisation dedicated towards improving the wellbeing of the people offers the following services for the Educational Institutions.

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